Exclusive, handcrafted leather ware 

Our exclusive leather ware are available in a variety of different colours. Each brace strap, bag, as well as belts and iPad case are fitted with a buckle made of solid brass or silver-plated brass. 
You can choose any combination of strap colour/buckle material at no extra charge. The sample colours shown in the photographs are realistic, but there is a natural variation in the shades of the special leather materials that we use.
Since all our leather is naturally tanned and finished with a treatment of nourishing wax, the colour may also appear lighter at bend points. 
This is a quality attribute because it proves that the material has not been coloured with any unnatural agents.

The leather we use is around 3 to 4 millimetres thick. We finish the edges using a traditional and very time-consuming process rather than by the modern industrial method which involves application of a rubber-like paste.  

Each set of braces as well as our bags is given its own serial number which is noted on the guarantee certificate. This number could be used in future to trace the date of manufacture of this special product.

The buttons we supply with our braces are made of corozo nut, a natural product. With the thread, needle and button template that you also receive from us, you will find it very easy to sew the buttons to the waistband of any pair of trousers.

We should point out that our braces need to be “worn in”. It is true to say that this strong leather may feel slightly stiff to start with, and the back part of the brace in particular may look slightly askew after the brace is buttoned to the trousers. However, they will “wear in” after a few days and become wonderfully comfortable over time.

Sizes :
Our braces come in three lengths: M, L, and XL. Since we allow a generous length for adjusting the straps, size L is the best size for most people. 
However, if you are more than 1.85 m (6.1 ft) tall and of powerful build, you should choose size XL. Size M is recommended up to 1.75 m. (5.75 ft)
We can supply made-to-measure braces on request.

Guarantee :
We offer a three-year guarantee (valid from the date of purchase) on all our products. Any damage caused by improper use of the product will not be covered by the guarantee.

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